CKT High Quality Exhaust Systems

CKT have designed, manufactured and supplied in excess of 2000 Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems, most with cabin heating and a range of custom build aircraft components using Stainless Steel, Titanium and Aluminium including AIVA, undercarriage components for a number of aircraft, including the Quik 450 flex-wing microlight, which enjoys sales worldwide.

With a solid reputation for designing innovative stainless steel exhaust silencer systems, originally for the Europa, which uses a Rotax 900 series engine and subsequently with many other LSA/Ultra light aircraft manufacturers. Using the popular Rotax 900 series engines as a development base, many of our systems incorporate a cabin/carburettor heating facility. These systems reduce engine sound levels to below the stringent requirements of the German and other European regulatory bodies.

The CKT track record

There are currently well in excess of 2000 CKT exhausts systems in use today, many with well in excess of 1200 hours flying time.

The Company’s customer base extends to a growing number of markets in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Innovation is at the heart of our design and responding to demand for for aircraft weight reduction CKT has developed an exhaust system using titanium.

More recently CKT were appointed as an accredited supplier by the Britten-Norman Group, the UK’s only privately owned civil aircraft manufacturer with an enviable record of producing in excess of 1,250 aircraft to date, the majority of which remain in daily use with some 500 organisations in over 120 countries. CKT Engineering supply exhaust components for the Lycoming engine which is fitted to the Islander.

How to obtain a CKT replacements system?

In the first instance we recommend that replacement parts and exhaust systems, for home-built and factory-made aircraft are obtained from the aircraft manufacturer or their appointed agent.

We are adding to our aircraft portfolio all the time, however a list of some of the aircraft and manufacturers that are currently supported by CKT Engineering can be found below.

To enquire about a replacement exhaust for your aircraft please complete the online contact form or email us.


Part NumberManufacturer / DistributorAircraft
87-1022EuropaEuropa Classic
87-1045EuropaEuropa Aircraft Trigear/Monowheel
87-1090Flylight UKSkyranger + Cabin Heater
87-2179Flylight UKSkyranger (No Cabin Heater)
87-2113FlylightSwift Ninja no Cabin Heater
87-2122FlylightSwift Ninja + Cabin Heater
87-2006PioneerPioneer 200/ Pioneer 300
87-2031MedwayMedway SLA 100 Executive
87-2032Progressive AerodyneSearey Sport 912
87-2127Progressive AerodyneSearey U/Slung
87-2129Progressive AerodyneSearey + Cabin Heater
87-2068BOTSC07 Speedcruiser
87-2103LockwoodAircam no EGT (parts coated to maintain original appearance)
87-2189-CLockwoodAircam iS with EGT (parts coated to maintain original apperance)
87-2118Roland AircraftRoland Aircraft
87-2126BreezerB600 Elegance / B600 Attraction
87-2133P & M AircraftGT450/QuickR/QuickGTR/Quick
87-2176P & M AircraftP & M Pulsar
87-2137NorthwingFlex Wing polished Scout XC Apache
87-2144XLFlyingTwinset unpolished, no EGT (45° outlet) Cygnet
87-2149Comco IkarusC42 + Cabin Heater/C42 B/C42 C
87-2158The Light Aircraft CompanyEscapade
87-2174E.S.P.A.C.E. SASSensation
87-2183SilverLight AviationApollo Delta Jet 2 (Twinset unpolished, 912 iS)
87-2185Lambert Aircraft EngineeringMission M108 + M212 including CabHeater
87-2197PowrachuteRevo Twin Set 912 UL polished Airwolf 912
87-2198PowrachuteRevo Twin Set 912 UL unpolished Airwolf 912
87-2199PowrachuteRevo Twin Set 912 iS polished Airwolf 912
87-2201Swiss ExellenceSwiss Excellence