The very best in Aircraft & Automotive metalwork, including specialist aluminium and steel welding services.

CKT Engineering is home to a team of exceptional metal fabrication engineers specialising in light aircraft and automotive metalwork for commercial businesses and specialist services, based in Devon we work across the south west and beyond.

We offer our range of services and products through this website, but welcome new challenges from those who also like to think outside the box! .

 Some of our primary services and products include:

  • All steel, mild steel and aluminium fabrications
  • Light aircraft exhaust systems
  • Automotive exhaust systems
  • Balustrades, railings, grilles
  • CAD design service and support
  • Engine & exhaust testing services

Our Services


We have extensive workshop facilities to handle a range of fabrication work. 

We like to take on the jobs that others just can’t do.

Design Team

Our experienced team, can turn your ideas and projects into a reality.

We have a proven record, with hundreds of completed jobs.

Automotive Engineering

Exhaust fabrications and all types of automotive engineering work are undertaken at CKT.

Tube Bending

CKT have the ability to bend a large variety of tube sizes and thicknesses to your requirements.

Noise Testing

CKT have extensive experience in noise testing and noise reduction methods.

Engine Dyno Testing

CKT have an in-house dynamometer for engine testing.

Our Products

Light Aircraft Exhaust Systems

CKT are an established light aircraft exhaust system manufacturer, with a range of exhausts for many aircraft.

Light Aircraft Diesel Engine

Our sister company offers the new Diesel engine that CKT have designed and developed.

our expertise

Our material knowledge

Our team is experienced working with all products composed of Nickel Chrome Alloys, Titanium, Aluminium Alloys, 4130 and standard steels. Our knowledge also extends to composite materials, including fibreglass, Kevlar and carbon fibre.

Our Quality System

CKT operate a ISO 9001:2015 quality system incorporating full traceability.
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Our welding

The company has grown and developed a multi-skilled team, including its specialist certified welders approved to BS EN ISO 15614 2004+A2 2012 and CAA approved to BCAR A8-10, who produce welded and fabricated aircraft structures, exhaust components and systems.


'I got my muffler modified by CKT recently and have to say I am absolutely delighted with the work. A quality company to deal with too. The mod was to the outside edges which now follow the curve of the fuselage and cowling.'
Andy McKee
Private Aircraft (Twister) Owner
'Well, I'm absolutely floored. A person that takes the client seriously and responds to requests in a timely manner. In this case the response was immediate. Unbelievable. I can't tell you how happy I am!'
Lindberg Aero
'The CKT Flex Twin Trike Exhaust System sounds, works and looks great giving 59.8dBA. I am very pleased with the fit and construction which is fantastic.'
Abid Farooqui - Owner
Silverlight Aviation, Florida USA
'We now have the first - very encouraging - results of the noise level in combination with a SeaRey. It was an astonishing 65,2 dBA! Since the German regulations are unfortunately tighter than in the remaining european countries we were happy having achieved such a positive result!'
Ekkehard Kaliebe - Engineer
SeaRey, FL USA

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